Young Man Finds Whopping Amount Of Money In His Piggy Bank Just 8 Months After (Photos)

By  | August 8, 2018


The N118,470 in the man’s piggy bank just in 8 months. (Photo credit: Nairaland)

A young man identified only as Heartmender1, has taken to a social networking platform to express his amazement after he discovered a large sum of money he realised from saving in his piggy bank just after eight months.

The social media user who shared the news online was surprised after he discovered the large amount of money he managed to gather from his savings, explained that he usually found it difficult to turn down financial requests of friends and this often times left him with nothing in his savings.

He said that he then decided to take his savings more seriously in January without the knowledge of his friends or his girlfriend.

He posted the photos and wrote: “I have been the type of guys who don’t know how to say NO to whatever my friend /gf ask me which hardly make me have a saving so this year January, I decided to get myself a small saving box to start saving some little cash without even letting my girlfriend or friends knew about it.”

He went on to talk about the report of a young lady whose money disappeared from her piggy bank and this prompted the young man to open his own savings to be sure his money was still intact.

He wrote that: “Yesterday, I saw a post on social media about a saving box (kolo) swallowing people’s money, I was scared because I got mine from public outlet too.

“So, I decided to open mine to be sure it’s still intact. Guess what! Couldn’t believe I have saved up-to this amount from January to August. I was able to save N118,470.”

He ended his post by advising people to start saving because it would eventually lead to pleasant surprises.

“Start saving now friends. No amount is too small. At least, you will know you have a cash you never budget for.”

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