SHOCK as a CS in UHURU’s Government gives Sh 6 Million tender to his slay queen mpango wa kando, is it “Mr IBU”???

January 11, 2019
– A powerful Cabinet Secretary in
Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government awarded a tender worth Ksh 6 million to his slay queen
mpango wa kando.

understands that the no-nonsense
CS who rarely laughs and has the ear of the President, ordered a tender of
maintaining the Ministry’s cars to be given to his young side-dish.

Every month, she walks to the office and
collects a cheque without doing any work.

Recently when the payment was delayed, the
CS, who pretends to be a clean man in public but he is very corrupt, stormed
the accountants’ office and harassed the staff, accusing them of trying to ruin
the relationship between him and the mpango
wa kando

The famous powerful CS called Mr IBU in
political circles has a habit of doing such things and although a local
newspaper wrote the story and refused to mention him, well placed sources
informed us that he is the one.

Here’s the scoop on that developing story
which we are gathering more information and it’s just a matter of time before
we blast the shameless CS here with full details.