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Let’s Play!! What Will You Do If You Found Used Condom In Your Wife’s Bag?

Relationships are built on trust as everyone says. Have you ever imagined how that word trust ever come to life? Relationships should be a course in the university and it must be a compulsory one for all students.

Have you ever asked yourself some certain questions before going into a relationship like How do you spot your ideal lady? How do you build relationship? How do you stay committed to building your relationship? How do you build trust?

The word happily ever after can only be real if trust remains the way it is and also when we do the right thing.

There have always been this questions about why men cheats. Not every man cheats but i can tell you it is 1 in a billion. This can be because it is nature. Yes cheating in men is a nature but nature by choice because at first we cn control it but when we give in for it, we stay in it.

Lets see a situation whereby you get married to a lady after all the movies, stories and scenes of relationships you’ve had before making up your mind to be a responsible man.

Prolly she went out and when she came back, her phone rings or she tells you to help her get something from her bag and you get to see a used condom in the bag. That’s a seasonal movie I guess. It might be a mistake from somewhere and it can be that she forgot to dispose it. it might not be what you think but anyhow it might be, how will you feel and what will you do?

So guys, join the conversation 👇🏽

What Will You Do If You Found Used Condom In Your Wife’s Bag?

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