FOOTBALL FANS! What Is The Greatest Match Goal You Will Never Ever Forget Till The World Ends?

Hello Everyone,

There is nothing more pleasing to the ears than the sound of the ball hitting the net…..We all shout YEAAHHH!!! OR GOALLLLL!!!

From Harry Kane’s fantastic header in the North London Derby, to Ahmed Musa’s incredible strike against Iceland at the world cup, to Aguero’s last minute goal against QPR that won them the title that year and had popular commentator Martin Tyler screaming AGUERRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

I will never forget Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick against City in the derby, Olivier Giroud world-class scorpion kick, Drogba’s final penalty that won Chelsea the Champions League, Tshabalala Goal VS Mexico In World Cup 2010.

Oooooooh Oooooooooh so many memorable moments that i can go on and on and wont stop. But ofcourse i have choose just one:

My Greatest Match Goal is Arshavin’s wonderful finish against Barcelona at the Emirates. It was incredible and i was in tears 🙌🙌

So Football Fans 👇👇

What Is The Greatest Match Goal You Will Never Ever Forget?

N.B: Please i want everyone to comment on this but you have to pick just one!

Lets go!

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